Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM isn’t just great business management software for business, it’s great business management software for YOUR business.

We customise every Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM start up so that it fits snugly within your existing frameworks. Read on to see how we can get started…


Once you have spoken to our experts, spoken to your Champion (see Business Needs Assessment), and have seen the value of modernising your business with STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM, it is time to deploy our software and tailor it to your exact business needs.

This happens in 3 easy steps:

1. You assign an internal contact within your business to liaise closely with us throughout the deployment.

jumping28This person will learn the ins and outs of the software and will assist us to coordinate deployment and staff training throughout your organisation.



2. We plan the best deployment method, with your input.

person236Most commonly this is either a rapid organisation-wide deployment, or a staged deployment with individual departments cutting over one at a time. An internal communications strategy is drafted to ensure that all your team is aware of what changes are happening and how it impacts their role.


3. We configure any sections of our software that need to be tailored for your business.

wrench75This includes invoices & purchase order stationery, task statuses, custom PDF outputs, tile functions, dashboard functions, colour and email notifications and email content.

Get a completely free, and obligation free, Business Needs Assessment.

Our STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM experts will assess your current needs and will provide you with a detailed insight to how Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM will work for you.

You can even speak directly to your industry ‘Champion’ – a business owner like you who has built a successful business and then massively improved its efficiency and profit by deploying Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM.

Get the benefit of others experiences before you take the plunge.

We have made Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM as user friendly as possible and are constantly updating the user experience to make it more and more intuitive.

All software has a learning curve to it though.

We provide initial training and support to your team as soon as we can because the sooner your start using the software on a daily basis, the sooner you and your team become experts at using it. We have plenty of tips and tricks to help make Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM the easiest part of your daily tasks,

A standard training package is included with every sale and further training can be purchased should you require it. We find that for more than 90% of our clients ongoing training is not required.

One of the greatest advantages of STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM is its ability to integrate with third party applications.

You probably already have information systems in your business that you rely on and either cannot or wouldn’t want to replace. This is where Streamleader’s ERP/CRM/HRM ability to integrate kicks in!

We can reduce administration time, reduce or eliminate errors and increase efficiency by integrating with your third-party accounting packages, quoting packages, websites and much more. Thus removing the need to constantly manually migrate important data.

Developing customised modules is a Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM speciality. We get excited about new ways to leverage technology to produce better business results and aren’t scared of forging new paths to your goal.

Contact us with your custom integration needs

If your new module idea will be useful to our other clients we may even split the development costs with you.

Starter packages of Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM are available from as little as $300 per month.

We take into account that every business is different and has different needs.

For the manager with little time (or interest) in managing the set up, integration and planning of your custom set up we offer fully comprehensive project management.

Our team can look after every step of your set up from integrations and client/product imports all the way to custom dashboard and tile notification settings.

Sometimes you need something that no one else does.

Sometimes your business will require extra special treatment with personalised systems and never before seen functions.

Here at Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM we will always try to find a way.

We provide general software development and business analysis rates for any additional work and development outside of the normal Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM platform.

Prices are per hour (ex. GST)

1 hour: $155.00
10 hours $145.00 (prepay)
20 hours $135.00 (prepay)
30 hours $125.00 (prepay)
40 hours $115.00 (prepay)

Payment Terms

7 Days for casual consulting / prepayment for discounted blocks.

Please contact us for further information or with your unique needs request.

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