Multiple sites management
Mobile Manager
Optional web portal to give mobile manager a snapshot of activities to their mobile handset.


Management reporting
Job Profit reporting, Sales analysis
Job costing reports lsited by custom categories, and cost to complete
Cash flow snapshot & others
Bank Guarantee Mgmnt

Human Resources

Human Resources
Timesheets / Payroll
Manage what jobs staff are billing to, and manage all aspects of payroll in accounts package
Staff management
Performance Appraisals

Asset Management

Asset Management

Fleet Management
Manage all company vehicles, forecast excess leasing costs, fuel consumption, identify abusers, automatically allocate vehicle costs to various cost centres in your accounting package
Mobile Phone Management
Manage all company mobile phones - isolate abnormal use, automatically allocate mobile costs to various cost centres in your accounting package
Large bills importing
automatic importing and allocating of regular large bills (eg phones, fleet) to cost codes and staff, straight into accounting package.

Project Management

Remote Management Portal