StreamLeader ERP/CRM/HRM is a complete business management software that gives managers an unprecedented level of insight and control over the management of business functions. Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM combines project management, resource management, job and task management and reporting functions in the cloud so that modern business managers can effectively run their business anywhere, anytime.


Gone are the days of lost productivity due to transit, transport and waiting lounges.


It has the ability to reduce or eliminate administrative errors contributing substantially to increased productivity and profit.

Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM is an Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) built using best-practice workflow methodology that empowers you to produce consistent and precise results.With automated, fully customisable, notifications and an escalation system you can be sure that your jobs are carefully being managed to the minute.


Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM is fully scalable for businesses of any shape and size. Our dedicated consultants will carefully discuss every aspect of your needs during set up and ensure that you are provided with the systems you need to get things done.


With our custom set up you and your team can manage quotes, leads, jobs, tasks, resource usage, staff productivity, stock, inventory, products, timesheets and invoices (including milestone payments).

Our simple user interface allows for sms and email communication between involved parties, as well as a detailed notes database making it easier to review job progress, job histories and accountability.