Finely tuned business software, built around your needs

Why Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM ?

Steamleader ERP/CRM/HRM is Australian business management software, built for Australian businesses by Australian businesses.

Use Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM to improve staff efficiency, accountability and client satisfaction and to decrease administration time, wastage and errors.

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Business Evolves, So should your systems

If you:

  • Have a successful small business and want to up-scale
  • Have a large business and require simpler, more efficient control
  • Want to generate more profit from your existing business
  • Want to run your business from anywhere

Then your answer is STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM

Start managing your business effectively today

What can’t it do?

Not much.

StreamLeader ERP/CRM/HRM is complete business management software that gives managers an unprecedented level of insight into their business functions and tasks.

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Obligation-Free Business Needs Assessment

Our STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM consultants and agents will help you quantify exactly how we can help you in your business…

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Deployment and Configuration

Once you have seen a demonstration and spoken to your Champion, and are convinced of the value of modernising your…

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Training and Support

Next your team is trained on the different modules as quickly as they can absorb the information…

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Existing Systems Integration

One of the great advantages of STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM is its ability to integrate to other applications…

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Customised Development and New Modules

As your business evolves, and you really squeeze the massive benefits that come with an ERP system like STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM…

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We have worked closely with various industry experts to perfect STREAMLEADER ERP/CRM/HRM as the complete business management software for each industry.

Please contact us for a personal needs assessment and demonstration.

Phone 1300 596 560 and ask for Anton Harrison-Kern.


  • The new and improved Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM is being released this December, with major partners already lined up.
  • Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM app is currently in development, allowing you to manage on the go
  • New features supporting job scheduling, invoicing, and in-depth project management ALL in the cloud.
  • With the latest version you can customise your dash with alerts for staff, tasks and projects.
  • New customisable management tiles added to the top of Streamleader ERP/CRM/HRM. Choose what you see and how you see it
  • The brand new navigation panel has just been released. Quickly and easily create new jobs, new task, new clients and start scheduling now.
  • Time tracking abilities finalised today. Your staff can check in, check out and log lunch and travel times for any and all tasks.